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Free of Particulate Matter!

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Time and again, tunnel constructions in densely populated areas attract public attention. During the regular operations
of road tunnels, emissions of particulate matter are caused
by minute, carcinogenic diesel soot particles, wear debris of tyres, brake disks, clutches and road paving which usually have a diameter as small as 0.1 μm or even less. With few exceptions, today exhaust air from road tunnels is dis-
charged through a flue without filtering and in concentrated

This burden on the environment and hazard to our health can now be avoided by using the patented ECCO filter system. ECCO is the result of forceful research and development work. High efficiency makes it possible to reduce particulate matter load and to intercept carcinogenic diesel soot particles.

Particulate Matter is dangerous

Recent research results show: The smaller the particles, the more dangerous they are, since they may penetrate deeply into the respiratory system and even into the brain. ECCO filter systems create safety for your health!

Magisterial Approval

Approval of new tunnel projects in metropolitan agglomerations usually entails rigid environment compatibility assessments where very much attention is paid to the abutters‘ interests. Over the last years, some projects could be implemented only by using state-of-the-art technology... many of them with the patented ECCO filter system.

PM10 today, pm2.5 tomorrow

In large cities, even today the international standards for permissible excesses of particulate matter concentration can be hardly complied with. These minute particles are so dangerous that from 2015 onward PM2.5 shall be the legally allowed limit value.

It is probable that in the foreseeable future with PM1.0 even more rigid standards shall enter into force. The ECCO filter system creates ideal conditions, by actually complying today with the limit values of tomorrow.

Exhaust Air or By-pass

The ECCO filter system can be used in any tunnel project, no matter whether it is about new construction or refitting during renovation. ECCO filters can be used as plain exhaust air filters or for feeding back the cleaned air into the tunnel (by-pass system). Each ECCO filter system is custom-made and tailored to the special local requirements.

Unique: Choose from among 3 Systems

Each tunnel project is unique and has its distinctive features. We are the only vendor offering, in order to meet these requirements, three different versions of tunnel dust filter for different applications: ECCO, ECCOHYBRID and ECCOEP.

Small but with Impact



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Reference Projects

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       - Cesena, Italy, 2006
       - Madrid, Spain, 2007
       - Naples, Italy, 2008
       - Mont-Blanc, France, 2010

>> Projects ECCONOxCAT

       - Madrid, Spain, 2007

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       - Wienerwald, Austria, 2005


       - Roppen, Austria, 2009

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