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Amazing New Technology: ECCO AIRJET

ECCO AIRJET is the world's most advanced tunnel filtration history

“I have been developing the most modern tunnel filtration systems together with my team since 1980. The all new Aigner ECCOAIRJET is a technological milestone and the beginning of a completely new age. ECCOAIRJET has no weaknesses, is best in class concerning efficiency, safety, protection of nature and operation/maintenance … and is even less expensive than traditional filtration systems.


I am proud to be a part of my great team!“

Ing. Heinz Aigner
CEO Aigner Tunnel Technology GmbH


5 Main Advantages of ECCO AIRJET

Aigner ECCO AIRJET offers a great variety of unique highlights – the most impressive ones are:

1. Mind-Blowing - HIGH EFFICIENCY
• Efficiency > 99 % 
• No Pre-Filter
• Airflow Distribution

2. Stunningly Simple Technology - NO HIGH VOLTAGE
• No High Voltage
• No High Voltage Insulators 
• No Short-Circuits

3. Easy & Fast Maintenance - SMOOTH OPERATION
• Dry Cleaning System
• 24/7 Operation
• Time-Saving-Maintenance 
• Easy Waste Disposal
• Basic Level Technicians

4. The Ultimate Green Technology - PROTECTING NATURE
• No Waste Water
• No Water Treatment • No Ozone Production

5. Huge Cost Advantages - BEST PRICE
• Investment Phase
• Ongoing Operation
• Regular Maintenance


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