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Aigner Cleans Polluted Tunnel Air in Beijing

14th July 2021

In spring 2021, Aigner Tunnel Technologie GmbH landed an important order for the new tunnel filtration system in Beijing (China). Together with our Chinese sales partner, the local decision-makers could be convinced of our ECCO EP quattro system. The order volume of the project is situated in the 7-digit range.

Aigner filtration system ECCO EP quattro
State-of-the-art dust particle and nitrogen oxide filtration systems will be supplied to protect local Chinese residents, who have to cope with heavily polluted air on a daily basis. "This filtration system reduces the fine dust pollution of the PM 2.5 fraction, which is critical for human health, by more than 90 %," explains CEO Heinz Aigner. 

The exhaust tunnel air passes the ultra-modern electrostatic precipitator (2 plants with 180 m³ per second each). The dust particles contained in the air are charged in an electrostatic field and get then separated on collectors. Periodically, these collectors are automatically cleaned regularly to maintain their high end functionality.

In a second process stage, toxic nitrogen oxides are filtered out of the air by up to 90 %.

Aigner Tunnel delivers engineering & filtration system
As experienced engineers, Aigner Tunnel Technology GmbH supplies plant engineering of the system solution and the essential technical plant components.

According to Helmut Kraus (CEO of Aigner GmbH), "the resilience of long-term partnerships in the supplier sector always pays off in the long run", underlining a key success factor with regard to the extremely tight project time frame and the difficult procurement environment.

Ongoing research at Graz University of Technology
Currently, ongoing research is being conducted together with "Graz University of Technology" (Austria). Its goal is developing a new process for tunnel filtration systems. A test plant has already been running extremely successfully in trial operation for several years and is providing valuable results. Based on this, it is possible to continuously improve both the separation efficiency and the ease of maintenance of Aigner filtration systems.


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