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Aigner ECCO Dust filtration unit for Wienerwaldtunnel

14 April 2005

During the construction of the Wienerwaldtunnel the operators recognized the need of a filtration plant to protect workers and residents from exhaust gases of the construction work. Therefore we modified our ECCO system and developed our new ECCODust!

After we received the order for the fresh air supply during the construction of the east tube, the tunnel operators asked us for another great project. They were looking for a system to clean the exhaust air, mainly caused by blasting and concrete mixing, to protect workers and residents. Our ECCO filter system however, was developed for operation in road tunnels. So we started modifying our existing system and developing it into our new ECCODust. The new plant works with a special filter media and uses dry cleaning technology. The efficiency is obvious: 120 kg of dust are collected per week!


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